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The Dalai Lama - Ethics for the new Millennium - Ch1

This is our book club book for the month.

The first chapter is entitled "No Magic, No Myster".

The Dalai Lama makes a few suppositions that I found very interesting and good points for book club discussion so I am noting them here now in order to have them for the meeting.

1. Unethical people are not happy people and do not lead happy lives.
2. Actions driven by negative energy lead to chaos and disruption.
3. All humans seek love, shelter and happiness.
4. Western civilization leads to isolated living.
5. Ethics and Spirituality do not need to be related to religion.
6. Compassionate actions lead to happier lives.
7. A spiritual revolution would greatlhy benefit society.
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Thanks for posting this. I have often thought it would help our reading progress to have an online discussion. I don't have the book yet, but it won't be as difficult to obtain as some..
I have thought the same, school just makes it harder to do it. The next meetin is the 27th. We have moved to the last Friday of every month to keep it easy. :)