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The Shop Girl by Steve Martin - Comments

This book was recommended by Brian B. I picked it up and read it
recently, and since it is in our database (just a reminder we do have
a book and movie databases that you can paruse and add to at any time)
I thought I would comment on this.

This was one of the most depressing books Ive ever read, much to my
surprise. The story is a simple one about an average girl who works
in a department store.

The lives depicted in this book are tragically mundane. Even the
ending, which I imagine was supposed to be somewhat positive, seemed
abismal to me.

I did not enjoy this read at all. The only redeeming quality of this
book was the language itself. Steve Martin has a beautiful way with
the English language. Unfortunately that did not balance out this
morose tale.

This isn't a grab your box of tissues depressing, it is more along
the lines of how can I end this misery depressing.

I would not recommend this book to anyone.
Id give this 1 Star. Barely

Im sure Brian will vehemently disagree and now proceed to argue with
me at length.
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