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Book Club

We will be glad to host the book club on Friday June 27. Gather at 7pm. We figure this will be the only way we can actually see all of you!!

The food/drink theme is Summer. Bring whatever succulence reminds you of the golden abundance of Summer solstice. The Dalai Lama would be proud.

Directions from Lawrence and all points west.
Drive to K-7. Drive to Shawnee Mission Pkwy. Turn east..go to light at Monticello. Turn left and go to 64th St. We are big blue house on left. 6400 Payne

Robin and Sean

Directions from all points EAST:
Get to I-35 or 435. Find SM Pkwy. Go west past 435 towards K-7. There is a light at Monticello. Turn right..go two blocks to 64th st. Big blue house on left. 6400 Payne
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