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Spiritual Profile

I've been working on this, at least mentally since I saw it posted as a request. My spirituality is rather easily defined, but difficult to pin down to a specific belief. As such, I've found a deep dislike for organized or structured religion. I've seen that path polluted and corrupted far too often by the greed or fanaticism of my fellow human beings. Much of what I've come to believe has come to me from my own experience and perceptions.

That said, I tend to believe that we each exist in our own shells of personal experience. While my system of belief works for me and gives me solace in moments of pain, it may not do the same for any one person. Much like the metaphysical writers I tend to believe in a single unifying force in the universe. Some call it God, others call it Allah, or Vishnu... I tend to just call it Nature. Because I don't think that the human mind is capable of defining something of that power into a single name.

I also don't believe that Nature is in trees, leaves, or just plants. Nature is in everything. It's in the car I drive, the laptop I'm tacking away on, and in the coffee I'm drinking. In that, Nature talks to everyone, and it's up to the listener to hear the conversation. There is a balance in the symbols and metaphors that come to the person who can sit in silence and hear the whisperings of the force contained in all things. Over the last few years, I've let Nature guide a lot of the impressions I've had. I've listened deeply to all things.

Some of this began, when I sat at the grave of my father and prepared the earth that he'd be buried in. At that moment, there was a seed of this belief, but no tangible system of beliefs. I let the wind that was rustling past me on that day guide my hands to do what I felt needed to be done. When I was finished, I could feel a presence near me. Now, I watch and listen to the whisperings that always exist. Sometimes it's as simple as listening to a bird sing in the early morning air. Other times it's difficult to focus the chatter of humanity around me into a palpable whisper of one single voice, but it's always there.

One of the most tangible times I feel this, is when I'm in nature and performing some form of Qigong. It's the taking in of what surrounds me and feeling the energy in the world. I don't completely believe all of Qigong, in that I think that the energy in all things has it's purpose and nothing is strictly polluting. Some things just require more distilling and digestion than others.

Much of my system of beliefs is why I connect with Whitman, and what he wrote in "Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Rocking". It's why I say that I listen to the sea. The words are out there, we just have to sit quietly sometimes to hear them. It's why I see significance in the striking of lightning and why I find pleasure in sitting in the rain and letting it fall on my face and soak my hair. It's somewhat of a communing of me with my "God". However, it's hardly as simple as all of that, but this is likely as simple as I can make it without taking someone into my mind to feel and see what I do.

I'll be cross-posting this to my own journal.
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