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Book Club - Announcements From The Friday March, 25 2005 Meetings

Book Club – Announcements From The Friday March 25, 2005 Meeting


We met last evening to decide on our readings and viewings for the
next six months. We also had a discussion about how we might
continue to improve upon our meetings and our discussions as we are
an unusually large Book Club and this requires a little more work
than with a small Book Club. In an effort to continue to make Book
Club the best meeting experience possible we will be implementing a
few changes in our structure. At the end of this next six-month
period we will re-visit this discussion and see if we believe that
the changes helped and if we have any new ideas for the Club.

1. Book Club Social Night
It was suggested that one of the reasons we have so much extraneous
and tangential conversation at our meetings is because we just don't
get to see enough of one another. So we will be implementing Book
Club Social Night the Third Friday of each month!

2. Book Club Meetings
We want to encourage everyone to be better listeners. We are all
great at talking but in order to have good, deep, sincere
conversation, we need to be as good at listening as we are at

a. To help facilitate better listening we will be following a
conversation out line at our meetings with scheduled breaks. The
breaks are to encourage people to remain seated during the book
conversation and to keep side conversations down until the breaks.

b. In order to persuade everyone to read the books and to allow
those who actually read the books to be the primary speakers, the
first portion of the evening's discussion will be limited to those
who have actually read the book. We will qualify reading the book as
having at least read half of it. This will allow for both the readers
and non-readers to participate but keep the conversation centered on
the book choice.

c. On Movie nights we would like to keep the MST3K comments down
so that people can actually hear and view the film.

d. We would like to encourage everyone who wishes to continue in
the book club to make an effort to attend at least ½ of the meetings
in a six-month period in order for us to get a little consistency
with our discussion groups and the size of our meetings.

Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and thoughts on our
meetings. I hope these changes will help us to make Book Club an
ever improving experience.

3. Volunteers
We are looking for people who are willing to volunteer to host some
of our social nights and for volunteers to bring the movie for film
night. Please e-mail the list if you wish to volunteer for one of

4. May
Dates were changed due to the Holiday. If anyone sees a major
problem with the dates please let me know.

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