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So, since christine said i must post, post i will.....

I was thinking that it might be a fun thing for us to get together for a potluck/game playing night on a regular basis....since we seem to be game playing folks (and i'm not talking RPG....i'm talking cards and board games....in particular i'm developing a Fluxx and Munchkin fixation myself). We also seem to have quite a few good cooks in the group....and i thought this would be a great way for us all to share in that too.

as to date, i've been thinking about that. Christine mentioned, and rightfully so, that March 12 was the date we picked. Originally we had talked about making this an event for a late Sun afternoon, and then we ended back on Fri night. i wanted to put it back out to the group, if we alternated it with the lawrence gaming crew (meaning if you all gamed on the 2nd sun we'd meet on the 3rd, and vice versa) would that work? i'd just like to see us be able to get together sometime when we're NOT rushing in from long days at work....

just a thought.

(also posted on yahoo)

~ dory
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